Tom [Thomas] Onslow

Tom [Thomas] Onslow (Second Earl of Onslow)
Birth and death
1754 - 1827
Profession details
Related place
Alistair Grant

Tom [Thomas] Onslow, second Earl of Onslow (1754-1827), politician and eccentric, who was born on 15 March 1754 at Imber Court, Surrey. Commonly known as Tom Onslow he was for a while an eccentric crony of the Prince of Wales, with a passion for driving a phaeton. Gillray caricatured him: "What can little T. O. do? Why, drive a phaeton and two!! Can little T. O. do no more? Yes, drive a phaeton and four!!!!" And Wraxall claimed 'he passed the whole day in his phaeton, and sacrificed every object to the gratification of that "ignoble ambition", as he himself called it' Gronow stated that he had 'four of the finest black horses in England [and] ... his carriage was painted black, and the whole turn-out had more the appearance of belonging to an undertaker' he served the Prince of Wales in his affairs with Mrs Fitzherbert, but for reasons unknown, fell out with the prince. Following his father's death he moved to Clandon Park, and in 1780 he sold Sandown to Sir John Frederick of Burwood Park.

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