William Duckitt [the elder]

Member of The Hundred

William Duckitt [the elder]
Birth and death
Dates unknown
Profession details
Agricultural Toolmaker
Related place
Alistair Grant

William Duckitt [the elder], agricultural toolmaker. William Duckitt senior was an important inventor of farm implements. His best-known designs were the two-furrowed plough, and a variation of the drill-plough. George III took a close personal interest in his inventions, and the Prime Minister, Charles Watson-Wentworth, Marquess of Rockingham, awarded him a silver cup for his drill-plough. Gentlemen farmers, many of whom visited him to learn from him, took up his rational, scientific farming methods. Duckitt was gardener at Claremont, and a tenant of Henry Pelham's at Waylands Farm. He is buried at St. Georges Church.

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