William Everard

William Everard
Birth and death
1602 - 1651
Profession details
Related place
Alistair Grant

William Everard (bap. 1602 - circa 1651) digger, On Sunday 8th April 1649, with Winstanley and two others he went to St George's Hill in Surrey and began digging the earth. The men 'sowed the ground with parsenipps, and carretts, and beanes'. The following day they returned with others and burned part of the heath. By the end of the week between twenty and thirty people 'wrought all day at digging' Everard and Winstanley were the acknowledged leaders of the group, who called themselves 'True Levellers'. It was said of Everard that he 'is no other then a madd man' and that he 'termeth himself a prophett'.

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