William Marshal

William Marshal (First Earl of Pembroke)
Other names
Guillaume le Maréchal
Birth and death
1146 - 1219
Profession details
Soldier, Statesman
Related place
Alistair Grant

William Marshal, first Earl of Pembroke [Guillaume le Maréchal] (1146-1219), soldier and statesman. In August 1189, when Marshal was forty three, King Richard arranged for William Marshal to marry the second-richest heiress in England, Isabel de Clare (1172-1220), the 17-year-old daughter of Richard Strongbow. Her father had been Earl of Pembroke, and this title was granted to William, along with his large estates. The marriage transformed the landless knight from a minor family into one of the richest men in the kingdom, a sign of his power and prestige at court. They had five sons and five daughters, with numerous descendants. According to L'histoire de Guillaume le Marechal (lines 9545-50), in 1189 Ingelram D'Abernon lent his manor at Stoke d'Abernon to William Marshal and Isabel de Clare for their honeymoon. L'histoire de Guillaume le Marechal, is the verse biography of William Marshal, which was written, at the request of his son, just after his death. It was based on the surviving account of Marshal's squire, John D'Erlay.

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