William Wayneflete

Member of The Hundred

William Wayneflete
Other names
Born Pattin, his father assumed the alias Barbour
Birth and death
1395 - 1486
Related place
Alistair Grant and Natalie Morgan

William [of] Wayneflete [born Pattin, his father assumed the alias Barbour] (1395-1486), provost of Eton, Bishop of Winchester, Lord Chancellor. Wayneflete took his surname from his place of birth in Lincolnshire. He was educated at Wykeham's Colleges in Winchester and Oxford. He became master at Winchester, until in 1443, Henry VI made him provost of the new royal college he'd founded at Eton. Four years later, he was nominated by Henry VI, and elected Bishop of Winchester. Then from 1449 to 1459, Wayneflete was Chancellor of England. During the Wars of the Roses, his loyalty to Henry VI meant he fell from favour under Edward IV, but saw the restoration of the Red Rose of Lancaster under Henry Tudor before he died in 1486. His lasting achievement is the founding and endowment of Magdalene College at Oxford, and encouraging Henry VI in his endowments of King's at Cambridge, and Eton, encouraging the evolution of monastic, ecclesiastical wealth and property into the foundation of colleges.

Wayneflete's Tower was originally an 11th century manorial complex, sited on the banks of the River Mole. In 1462, Bishop William Waynflete of Winchester, founded the brick Palace of Esher and incorporated the medieval stone fortified manor house. The four storey gatehouse, with semi-octagonal turrets to the fore, was linked by a high curtain wall to a huge brick keep, which had octagonal turrets on the angles. Sadly in 17th century, the keep, the great hall, the curtain wall and associated building ranges were all demolished, down to their foundations. In the 18th century, Henry Pelham added a pair of wings and a porch, when integrating the tower into a gothic mansion house.

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