William Windham

William Windham
Birth and death
1750 - 1810
Related place
Alistair Grant

William Windham, (1750-1810) statesman, joined Sadler's balloon flight from Molesey, aiming to fly to France, but ended in the Thames estuary. Windham was a follower of Edmund Burke and formed a short-lived 'Third Party' of 'Burkeite' Whigs opposing the French Revolution. Pitt convinced Windham to become Secretary for War in the Tory Cabinet between 1794-1801. Windham resigned with Pitt over the King's refusal to allow Catholics to sit in Parliament. In 1803, he rejoined the 'Foxite' Whigs, and was appointed Secretary for War and Colonies in the 'Ministry of All the Talents' of 1806. He sat for Joshua Reynolds in 1787, and also for Thomas Lawrence in 1802. Both portraits are in the National Portrait Gallery.

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